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Transform Your (inner) Game with Ben Wolff

Saturday 8th Dec 2018  | 1 – 3.30pm | £35

Who would you be if you had a map to access and alter the inner wokrings of your mind and body?

Why does this even matter?

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” William James

Ben Wolff is a senior yoga (& yoga nidra) teacher, teacher trainer, neuroscience expert, psychology lecturer, breath master, hypnotherapist, dream yoga enthusiast and specialist change maker, he offers unparalleled holistic understanding and experience of the juncture between ancient knowledge and modern scientific study. He is continually creating and testing tools and techniques to bring this breadth of understanding into everyday life, helping countless people shift, heal and transform their lives.

In this unprecidented 2.5hr masterclass style workshop; Ben Wolff will introduce you to your inner workings, the power this has over your everyday (or ‘outer’ life), why this stuff is even important and how it can help you get to exactly where you’d like your health, wellness and quality of life to be.

A practical grand tour of your inner technology to *CREATE YOUR DREAM ‘OUTER’ LIFE USING INSIDER INFO, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES*.

Making the most of your mind and the best of your body through your brain’s understanding of you.

We will carry on the gathering aftwerwards with a ‘tea with Ben’ session (3.30-4pm), which you’re welcome to stay for.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable few hours with Ben in an open, welcoming and intimate atmosphere where you can ask questions and even have the opportunity to have tea with Ben and request personal help afterwards (please allow an extra 1/2hr for this post workshop).

Please bring a notepad & pen 🙂 You will not be doing any physical movement sequences, but please wear comfortable clothes you can relax and even lie down for short periods in.

Mats/props for sitting provided, please bring water.

Suitable for all ages, abilities. No yoga experience necessary.




Christmas Chill & Charge Up Special with Pennie

Sunday 9th December 2018 | 1.30 – 4pm | £25

It’s that time of year once more and what better way to get the resources topped up and ready for the Xmas period than to take a few hours to pause and focus on yourself and what YOU need to charge yourself right back up.

– Small talk on the scientific/spiritual super power of these techniques (the why) and how this applies to daily life around Xmas time, incl info on meditation and doing this for yourself

– Breathwork exercises for you to take into your life

– Deep slow stretching sequence (yin/restorative/somatic movement which is mainly floor based) with massage style assisting to begin to rest and restore you

– Sound ‘bathing’ experience to slow down the mind

– Yoga nidra relaxation meditation to get down deep into the system and top up

– Optional healthy sweet snack and chat wth tea afterwards (welcome to remain a little after 4pm for this) where you can chat to me more specifically and gain individualised tips

An indulgent full spectrum reset for mind, body and otherwise.

I will talk you through why using quieter practices is so vital for energy, balance and renewal referencing research theory and my own real life experiences as a teacher and of various health ailments. This area of yoga is as close to my heart as you could get ❤

Breathwork: the techniques for specific regulation of the breath will be starting our practical experience as it is so powerful and useful to harness breathing rhythms to calm down and access desired states at will. These are suitable for all.

The movement section will be designed to get into the body to unwind. It works to settle the body and mind into a slower rhythm, oxygenating and hydrating muscles and connective tissues as you go. The yin yoga, restorative poses and somatic movements will also be shifting you on an energetic level, helping to clear out old held patterns and work with the ‘meridians’, which are bodily energy lines in Chinese medicine.

Poses are held for longer and staying closer to the ground means that gravity and time can be used to access states of awareness or parts of the body that are much more subtle than faster moving practices. You do not need any experience of yoga, I am happy to accomodate nearly every typ of ailment, injury or state (please get in contact direclty to discuss with me if you have any individual concerns about suitability)

A Sound bath is an experience where sound vibration (a sound ‘texture’ rather than actual music) is played from the gong and other instruments while you recline, comfortably wrapped up on your mat and ease into slower, more regenerative brain wave states (encouraging the mix of mind states you already have into a calmer and more peaceful space).

You also have the option to have the Tibetan singing bowl placed on your body (generally at the back of shoulder blades) and ‘sung’, which is a felt and heard experience. The sound session will also feature the lullaby like sounds of the sansula (African thumb drum with added vibrato).

Yoga nidra, or ‘yogic sleep’ is a subtle yet deeply effective practice for the mind and therefore the whole self. It’s like giving yourself a shower from the inside out, time to pause, take stock and process.

The idea is to lie down and get wrapped up and cosy, while you’re guided through a relaxation meditation. The name of the game is to ‘switch off’ from everyday awareness and go with the guidance in your own personal way, to the degree that feels comfortable for you. This is a supremely recharging practice equal to (or some would say deeper than) having slow wave sleep.

This combination of full power chilled practices will leave you feeling well and truly reset, recharged and bouncing back with focused energy and vitality.

You may want a notebook to record some of the practices you’d like to do at home for yourself.



Bookings: email or call us on 07852 999 716

We look forward to welcoming to our studio very soon.

With love, Team Salt Water Studios

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