Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles with studio owner Katie

Next Circle with Katie is Friday 22nd October 6-9pm £35pp. To enquire please message me on 07852999716

Some testimonials:

“I loved being part of the warrior women circle! It was Massively empowering and cathartic. Thank you for all that you put into the session and the cake! I felt like I shook off some blocked emotions and the lovely meditations and circle support gave me the opportunity to do this.

My story feels very raw still and I think the next few months will test me but I shall definitely return to your lovely circle!

Thanks again, have a lovely day” xx (Helen)

My first woman’s circle I didn’t know what to expect or how open I’d be but it was perfect. A beautifully held space full Of love compassion power left me with a grounding glow… we spoke our truth, we were heard. What a powerful circle with a lasting effect. (Holly)

The circle was wonderful and I am so pleased I was able to be part of such a beautiful, powerful and liberating time spent together. Thank you for creating these magical spaces that allows us to surrender, open up and feel held. I look forward to the next, and wish you a happy weekend. Lots of love and light Grace xxx

Friday night was quite something…… where do I start…..
So I booked the evening initially thinking it was a monster yoga session with oodles of meditation, which I though would be cool as I haven’t really done much in the meditation department. My lovely Danny (hubby) then read something online and read out what the evening was actually going to consist of, shock, fear and almost horror then spread over me of the unknown…. but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I turned up with a very open mind and ready for a new experience. Which I could have never preempted.
The atmosphere was beautiful, comfortable, and certainly felt very safe.
The experience was humbling, calming and insightful to myself through others.
As you said in the circle, many experiences and feelings are like a mirror and reflect back.
It was very real.
I am still today reflecting on the evening, it has created many questions on various levels, all strangely positive and freeing I (don’t think that’s a real word, but works for what I need to say). It was lovely to be able to admit that life is good and to actually except it, something that we don’t always acknowledge, opposed to when things are more difficult. There are always mountains to climb and obstacles to face, with external negative forces wafting through, but to manage them and feel good is quite something. Everything is just a phase and this will change, (maybe tomorrow) but to recognise it and not feel guilty for doing was very liberating.
I think the circle reaffirmed that life is a journey and we are all at different stages and ages, the struggles are all the same for each and everyone of us, but at different times and varying levels. Also that as individuals we all feel like oddballs and learning to except ourselves, maybe that is the norm?
You certainly made it easy to be there, sharing in your wonderful way, allowing others to follow.
There is certainly a strength in sharing.
The timings were good, the evening flowed, the excellent home baked cake a lovely human touch.
It was a really special few hours that will resonate for weeks, maybe months and more to come. I still have my offering to give back to the great outdoors, and choosing my quiet time to indulge and saviour it.