Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles with studio owner Katie

18th Sept (full); 25th Sept (available); 16th Oct (available)

It is my intention to make these sacred, much needed gatherings a regular feature now on our schedule. I have been holding circles at the studios for the last 2.5 years now, and we even managed to hold some online during lockdown. I am always completely blown away by the power though of in-person circles. These are places for healing, surrender, letting love in and finding much peace and clarity. It is almost as if a shedding of invisible layers takes place and we take tentative little steps back to “us” and being whole again.

For me personally these circles have held me up and helped me find my way through my darkness multiple times. I suffered with post natal depression after our second baby was born and at the circles I held I found so much comfort. Each of you who join me in circle will be honoured – exactly as you are. You will be seen, you will be heard, and the circle will hold you.

the next available dates I have are Friday 25th September 6-9pm and Friday 16th October 6-9pm and the price is £30pp. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions – a text is always good for me as I juggle the studios and the children 🙂 I am on 07852999716

with much love to you all , Katie xxx