Pilates Workshops

Pilates Workshop with Helen Cooper Harding

SATURDAY 7 MARCH 10 – 11.30am 


A 90 minute workshop focussing on the relationship between stability and mobility within our Pilates Practice.

We will work with the Pilates Fundamentals of Alignment; Breathing; Centring alongside the Principles of Concentration, Relaxation, Co-ordination, Flow and Stamina.

We will work through supine, prone, standing and side lying postures and will use the small ball and theraband to help with giving our bodies feedback and challenge our core stabilisers.

Some previous knowledge of Pilates would be useful and a willingness to learn new things and bring a deeper awareness to your body and mind connection. 

Please do contact us if you have any questions relating to the workshop or Pilates in general.

TO BOOK PLEASE EMAIL: info@saltwaterstudios.co