Uplift Afternoon: Women’s circle & mini retreat with Katie & Pennie

Sunday 12th May 1:45-6pm £40

Join Katie & Pennie for an extended session of sumptuous self-care.

This mini retreat will create a nurturing and enlivening space for you to calm, clear and awaken energy & intention for the coming months.

Using a multi-angled approach, Katie & Pennie bring their complementary experience, knowledge and practices (+the magic that happens when they join forces!) to curate the perfect afternoon for you to reconnect fully to your body, mind and soul.

You’ll be sharing the afternoon with like-minded ladies of all kinds in the beautiful plant and light filled space of Salt Water Studios, and leave feeling re-enlivened, awakened and fully ready for all early summer has to offer!

uplift afternoon may 1

The circle

We will begin with a women’s circle, a refreshing opportunity to share the story of where you are in your life, wherever that may be! The simplicity of having a non-judgemental space in which to share thoughts, be heard and identify with others struggles and successes often has a surprisingly powerful unburdening effect.

The movement

Katie will then be taking you through her own brand of lovingly crafted movement: a tailored mixture of yoga flow & HIIT with a brilliant playlist to match!

You’ll feel energised by Katie’s accessible, joy filled teaching.

Positions and pace can be modified for all (please contact directly to discuss any specifics)


The pampering

Unbeknown to some, Katie is also an expert skincare maker (, and will be treating you to an Ayurvedic mini facial using her handmade aromatic vegan products so you get to feel clear and cleansed from the inside out.

The mind clearing

Meanwhile, Pennie will be guiding each of you through the ‘Clear Ideas’ ( coaching process to help you distil thoughts, feelings and desires to help you uncover a sense of perspective on yourself and what’s central to you for the coming period.

The sensory elements

From the general atmosphere of natural scents, to flower filled sights, crystal sounds, plant based taste and the touch of the facial, your senses are in for an awakening treat.

As well, you’ll be invited to harness your own and get briefly creative to help embody and embed the light reflection of the mind clearing section, no drawing experience necessary (think colour, shape and stick (wo)men rather than Picasso!).

The sound bathing experience

Pennie will then be getting you lovely and comfortable for the calming clarity of a sound bath using her Crystal Tones singing bowls, a powerfully pure and resonant experience like no other. These ultra special, uniquely therapeutic instruments will leave you feeling supremely relaxed and uplifted (more info:

Snack & tea

We will have some light snacking on hand (please come having fuelled yourself before though J), and also indulge in a twist on Pennie’s widely loved home made cacao bliss balls (vegan, gluten free, contains nuts & chia seeds) with a special mindful meditation to give you a luxurious moment of taste bud invigoration and enjoy a fragrant tea and chat together to conclude our multi sensory experience.

Katie & Pennie can’t wait to immerse you in their dream indulgent afternoon of peaceful invigoration ❤


Bookings: email or call us on 07852 999 716

We look forward to welcoming to our studio very soon.

With love, Team Salt Water Studios