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Women’s circle -Friday 16th September 6-9pm £40pp

To enquire please message me on 07852999716

On This Day | Presence in the Present | The Gifts of the Now

I warmly invite you to journey with me on Friday 16th September as we approach the Autumn Equinox

This summer I said to myself that I wanted to be present with my children – I wanted to dedicate my whole self to them as much as I possibly could. I wanted to offer them presence because I honestly feel like this is one of the greatest gifts we can give not only those we love but also ourselves. There are so many gifts in the present moment and this summer I have really been available to feel this for an extended amount of time. It has felt incredibly grounding and because I haven’t been holding space in the way that I do in circle and have even taken lots of time off teaching I have also stepped back slightly from my spiritual practices. It has just felt completely natural and necessary to do so because A huge amount of integrating has been taking place after my two circle led retreats and so when I have felt to connect with my guides this summer they have said EVERY TIME “not now – go back. Go back to the present moment. Its not time yet” – almost as if I have picked up the phone to call them and I have got that constant “engaged” sound. at first this was slightly disconcerting, but the more it happened the more I surrendered even more fully to the present moment. Everything was good there 🙂 in the present moment I was making art with my children, I was swimming in the sea with my family, I was eating delicious food and laughing with friends, I was making art for friends and deciding to deliver it to them in the post. I was dedicating myself to the people I love the most – and these are the people that sometimes get put to the bottom of my list when I am focussed on my work. There is a big lesson here for me and one that I feel ready to learn. Time in dedication and in full presence to my friends and family matters to me and it matters to them – even more so because they understand that the. Nature of my work means that I sometimes can’t give them what they want or need. In the present moment I am relaxed and not worrying about the future or trapped in the past. Perhaps you can relate to this….the energy that I really want to bring to being present is that I will G L I D E effortlessly into it. With sometimes a good amount of chaos – because chaos is needed just as much a balance!!! So I digress slightly – back to the present.

 In fact – the last time I wrote to you at the start of the summer I said that the words “On This Day” had come through for our September circle but I didn’t connect the dots that this was not only a message relating to our September gathering that would become clearer on the day, but also was a direct message from my guides relating to not only the processing I am “in”, but also to the fact that I must stay present – as fully as possible – all summer. My guides have been elsewhere for the whole summer – until yesterday. I had traveled back from London with the children – with no sat nav, instead using my internal north star and compass 😉 and so when I arrived home a sweaty, dehydrated mess after a L O N G slow drive I knew I had to move my body and get in the sea. Walking on to the beach after my run I entered heaven on earth. The light was ethereal and I knew I had stepped into another dimension – funnily enough this has been recurring for me significantly over the last few years – ramping up – to help me see that no matter what “world” our loved ones are in we can be with them. This is my belief. Anyway – after my swim where I floated in heaven I left the sea saying multiple rounds of thank you thank you thank you for this day and walked into a circle of white feathers. I saw one and then turned clockwise to see that I was in the centre if a circle of 4 white feathers. My angles were with me, they were present with me in this experience and it was so comforting. I knew that I was in the right place – on every level – and so it felt like today was the right day to send this message out into the ether to whoever receives it. On Friday 16th September we will gather in circle – I invite you to join us and take one of the last 3 remaining seats at the “table”

In circle we have a beautiful opportunity to be fully present with ourselves – in full presence we can then surrender into the arms of the circle and explore the possibilities before us. It is my belief that On This Day we will be gifted in some way and I feel that this will be related in some way to activating our Way Finder magic :-).  It will happen On This Day. as ever I send you this invitation with love and with the reminder that I am not here to hold onto you, hold you up or hold you back. I am here to see you fly and to help you set yourself free. Rise Sister Rise!!! I will leave you with this quote that is currently making me tingle:

“Mavericks see life through the lens of possibility. We dent the Universe” 

Join me on 16th September to dent the Universe. To shift the story. To begin again. To step into the possibility that the present moment gifts you and remember who you are. I will wait for you there. It will be an honour to sit with you. 

I would love for you to join me. As always our evening together will include: channelled healing; meditation; movement ; sharing ; ritual. You will be welcomed wholeheartedly, exactly as you are. please email me on ross@saltwaterstudios.co or text 07852999716 love Katie x

What does it mean to enter sacred circle?
To me, it is a feeling of coming home. Coming home to ourselves, coming home to one another in community and equality, and coming home to great Mother Earth. The circle itself is a symbol of wholeness, oneness, the whole of the Universe. No one is greater than another in circle, we are all equal, there is no hierarchy and we can feel so welcome to come exactly as we are. Circle is a place of acceptance, of love, of surrender…there is no judgement here. In circle we are all seen, heard, witnessed and honoured. We re gifted a PAUSE and the space to commune with our souls, we can feel with our hearts and we can remember who we are.

Who should enter sacred circle?
The circle will hold space for all who step forward. Only you will know when the time is right, and that first time can feel scary. The unknown…what if this…what if that? It’s really a bit of a contradiction because in circle we are asked to let go and trust….BUT we are stepping fully into unchartered territory, so know if you feel scared it’s ok, it’s all part of the process and you are always in safe hands. I have been holding sacred circles for 4 years now and I am always learning, always expanding the offering and always creating the safest most loving place for you to be you.

What can we expect?
 we can expect nothing…or we can expect everything! The best way to enter is with no expectation…but be prepared. You can in the simplest way be held, you can be cocooned and loved. You can awaken…you can transform…you can heal….you can shed….you might cry…you might laugh….all possibility awaits in circle and for me that is part of the excitement because in truth ANYTHING can happen! We put our trust in ourselves and in the circle to hold us.

Some testimonials:

“I loved being part of the warrior women circle! It was Massively empowering and cathartic. Thank you for all that you put into the session and the cake! I felt like I shook off some blocked emotions and the lovely meditations and circle support gave me the opportunity to do this.

My story feels very raw still and I think the next few months will test me but I shall definitely return to your lovely circle!

Thanks again, have a lovely day” xx (Helen)

My first woman’s circle I didn’t know what to expect or how open I’d be but it was perfect. A beautifully held space full Of love compassion power left me with a grounding glow… we spoke our truth, we were heard. What a powerful circle with a lasting effect. (Holly)

The circle was wonderful and I am so pleased I was able to be part of such a beautiful, powerful and liberating time spent together. Thank you for creating these magical spaces that allows us to surrender, open up and feel held. I look forward to the next, and wish you a happy weekend. Lots of love and light Grace xxx

Friday night was quite something…… where do I start…..
So I booked the evening initially thinking it was a monster yoga session with oodles of meditation, which I though would be cool as I haven’t really done much in the meditation department. My lovely Danny (hubby) then read something online and read out what the evening was actually going to consist of, shock, fear and almost horror then spread over me of the unknown…. but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I turned up with a very open mind and ready for a new experience. Which I could have never preempted.
The atmosphere was beautiful, comfortable, and certainly felt very safe.
The experience was humbling, calming and insightful to myself through others.
As you said in the circle, many experiences and feelings are like a mirror and reflect back.
It was very real.
I am still today reflecting on the evening, it has created many questions on various levels, all strangely positive and freeing I (don’t think that’s a real word, but works for what I need to say). It was lovely to be able to admit that life is good and to actually except it, something that we don’t always acknowledge, opposed to when things are more difficult. There are always mountains to climb and obstacles to face, with external negative forces wafting through, but to manage them and feel good is quite something. Everything is just a phase and this will change, (maybe tomorrow) but to recognise it and not feel guilty for doing was very liberating.
I think the circle reaffirmed that life is a journey and we are all at different stages and ages, the struggles are all the same for each and everyone of us, but at different times and varying levels. Also that as individuals we all feel like oddballs and learning to except ourselves, maybe that is the norm?
You certainly made it easy to be there, sharing in your wonderful way, allowing others to follow.
There is certainly a strength in sharing.
The timings were good, the evening flowed, the excellent home baked cake a lovely human touch.
It was a really special few hours that will resonate for weeks, maybe months and more to come. I still have my offering to give back to the great outdoors, and choosing my quiet time to indulge and saviour it.

“I’m honestly a bit speechless, I slept like a log…I literally felt you pulling things down from the heavens for us.”

“I felt entirely held and supported and extremely teary (prob because I needed to be in a room full of women instead of home with the chaos).”

“Thank-you for creating such a safe space for us all to share so openly and freely.”

“You really created such a special space- that energy- My hands felt like magnets at the start, it was incredible.”

“I loved what you said about truth speaking and how it heals us, those around us and mother Gaia herself. Particularly women.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As always, the circle delivered exactly what I needed. I knew I had to be present with you ALL this evening – despite having weird wobbles an hour previous to the event. It brought calm to my current chaos and a much needed grounding “

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