Uplift Afternoon: Women’s circle & mini retreat with Katie & Pennie


**When lifting others, we all rise….**

Women of Worthing and beyond, join together for this shifting and lifting: Women’s Circle & Mini Retreat

£45 per person

Katie & Pennie are back for the PURE MAGIC & alchemy that ensues when they work together. Their signature UPLIFT afternoon is a precious and potent pause for reflection, respite and maximum self-care.

“I am Woman. I am giver and creator, of life and so much more. I am mother. I am sister. I am daughter. I am grandmother. I am auntie. I am niece. I am wife. I am partner. I am friend. I am supporter. I am worker. I am carer. I give. I give. I give.
I am all things to all people. And to me? Who am I? I long to be seen. I long to be heard. Just for a moment in time – that is my wish. So that when I go out into the world again I feel more whole, more real, more ready to do what needs to be done.”

We as women are all things to all people. We are all “mothers” – whether actual or not. Our bodies go through huge trials, our minds are often overcome by feelings of guilt, lack of self worth, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress and worry. Or maybe more than that, or maybe less than that. But the struggle is real. And that is not to say that life is not joyful, completely enriching and full of wonder for us. In fact if it is and we still feel less than “complete” that brings up new questions and new worries for not being grateful enough perhaps.

Someone once said to me “you have to think of your energy as like your money in the bank. When it’s gone, it’s gone. In order to make it last you need to save and invest” (thank you Vera!) As a new mum to Rex, for me, that was literally 5 minutes a day of walking to the end of our road to gaze at the river Thames and look up at the sky. Just completely alone. That was enough for a time. And then I started to do a little bit more and a little bit more. And that felt so good! But in recent years I was at the rock bottom of my list. I wasn’t even on the list! I had a newborn baby and 2 newborn businesses, in a brand new town, a 1 year old, 2 breast pumps and 10 hot yoga classes a week to teach. And it sent me spiralling all the way down to the depths of darkness quite literally I didn’t know myself anymore. I wondered if I would ever be the same again. If I would ever wake up and feel happy or like I could smile. The path back up to the light was long and took EFFORT. It took self care. Yes that phrase that is spoken so much. I had to! There was only one me and I was carrying a lot. Im not afraid to say now that I AM WORTHY of it all. I deserve it all. This life is everything to me and I wanted to fully embrace it with happiness, energy and love. I share this merely in the hope that it resonates a little with you.

One of the greatest things I have ever had the joy of creating are the Women’s Circles at SWS with Pennie. They have been, and continue to be , without a doubt, the most nourishing, releasing, supportive, comforting experiences for me. Really important moments in time to pause, reflect, release. To be in the company of some quite simply incredible inspirational women of all ages, all walks of life, all different, sitting together, communing together, yet at the same time – the same. Because as women we all know. We all KNOW – our own realities that are so often the same for our friend next to us, for our sister. These circles have been growing, sometimes huge, sometimes small, but always in perfect alignment with divine timing on their side. We have friends who hold them too! In homes, on beaches – Worthing -wide and Worldwide – every singe one is needed because every single circle will attract the right woman at the right time to bare her soul (perhaps, or perhaps not), and literally BE just as she is – no pretence, no front, nothing forced, there to share, with the others baring witness; to listen and see her sisters. Anything goes, literally, in these most sacred of spaces. This is for all of us. I invite you to join me and hold hands together. When lifting others we all rise.


This mini retreat will create a highly nurturing and enlivening space for you to experience new levels of clarity, renewal and reunion with yourself.

By holding such a strong, supportive and sacred space, Katie & Pennie invite you to unlock and awaken energy, intention and passion for the coming months within yourself and beyond into your wider lives.

Using a multi-angled approach, Katie & Pennie bring a vast depths and breadth of complementary experience, knowledge and practices (+the tangible joy & electricity that happens when they join forces!) to curate the perfect afternoon for you to reconnect fully to your body, mind AND soul.

You’ll be sharing the afternoon with like-minded ladies of all kinds in the beautiful plant and light filled space of Salt Water Studios, and leave feeling shifted, lifted and fully ready for the abundance that the last bursts of summer and transition into autumn has to offer you.

Katie & Pennie can’t wait to immerse you in this transformative, indulgent afternoon of lightening , brightening and enlivening ❤

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-WILLINGNESS to share some of the story of where you are in our circle (whether that be great, good or frankly below parr) and ’have a go’ with the powerful techniques at work during this experience. Please know that We embrace shyness, silliness, and all else inbetween: the circle Is a time honoured tradition in which your expressions of you are safe in whichever form they present

-NOTEBOOK to record your thoughts, highlights and takeaways.

-WATER to keep you comfy/hydrated

-EXERCISE GEAR for some movement

-COMFY CLOTHING for the other bits

-YOUR FAVOURITE CUSHION to pop your head on for the sound bath

-FLUFFY SOCKS/SLIPPERS to keep the tootsies warm

-BLANKET to cosy up in the sound healing

-YOUR FAVOURITE MUG/TEACUP for tea, a healthy snack and a chat to round off our experience

Please come already fuelled/lunched so we you’re contentedly full & can get straight into retreat mode 🙂



Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Sunday 17th November 11am – 1pm £20 pp

We are delighted to welcome back the incredible Ale for his second Kundalini Yoga workshop on 17th November.

In this workshop we will explore how the chakra system works and the process of transmutation and sublimation of the energies within our body.

Each chakra has its own characteristics and is linked to different types of awareness and consciousness. The seven chakras, beginning at the base of the spine form a ladder through which the kundalini awakens and rises. It is a ladder that defines our true potential. This potential enables us to consciously navigate a path towards the divinity within us.

In further workshops we will explore each chakra in greater depth. The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with a taste of the system as a whole….with a surprise exploration of one specific chakra!!

This is an energetic class aimed to raise our vibration, strengthen our nervous system, and touch a part of us that has a timeless quality.

And all of it accompanied by beautiful music

PRICE £20 pp – limited spaces so please book early to avoid disappointment, email to book:


Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology and arguably one of the most powerful and fast-acting yoga there is.

This system was brought to a western audience in 1968 when Yogi Bhajan began teaching in California. He founded 3HO (the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation) in 1969 to introduce Kundalini yoga to a broader population. Before this, Kundalini yoga was only taught in India and was passed down in the guru-student tradition. Although this type of yoga had not previously been offered to the public, Yogi Bhajan felt that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

Kundalini yoga is a powerful method that combines movement, pranayama, mudras, bandas, meditation, and chanting.

All of this is systematised in a different set of exercises called Kriyas. These Kriyas have different energetic goals but overall all of them aim to raise the energy in the body, strengthen the nervous system, activate and balance the chakras, and help the practitioner to touch, feel and center into the core of his-her own being. 

Many of the physical postures are designed to activate the navel, spine, and different energy centres. Through breath work (pranayama) and the application of yogic locks of energy (bandas), the release, direction, and control of the flow of Kundalini energy is achieved.

All of this is, at the same time, preparation of the body, the nervous system, and the mind to handle the rising of the kundalini energy.

This system can be very strong and powerful and can help people in achieving their maximum creative potential and realise the life purpose.

The 2 hours workshop is designed to raise the energy in the body, to open the energetic channels, to strengthen the nervous system, to ground ourselves into the core of our own being and to share some knowledge about the chakras and how the qualities of the elements of nature (earth-water-fire-air) work within us.

Music is always present, embracing and elevating us into a different frequency.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of age, health and level of physical activity.