Please read on for our upcoming workshops.

Matwork Pilates with Helen

Saturday 17th November 2018  | 10am – 12.30 | £25

This workshop is an opportunity for you to be introduced to the Principles of Pilates,  or deepen your knowledge of Pilates & enhance your practice. 

Helen will begin with a brief introduction to Pilates. Then using the Principles:

-set up and warm up the body.

-move through an hour of Pilates using the Principles of Concentration, Control; Centring; Flow; Breathing; Precision.

-the class will start standing, progressing through warm up to mat work;

  • 4-point kneeling
  • Prone
  • Side work
  • Semi-supine

You will work the body through all planes of movement: flexion, extension, adduction, abduction and rotation. Ending with stretching and relaxation.


Soothe Space Women’s Circle with Katie & Pennie of Salt Water Studios

Sunday 18th November 2018 | 2 – 4.30pm | £20

Our intention is to create a pure, honest, open and safe space for us all to share, LET GO & find something new.

Whether that be stillness, softness, strength…whatever it may be you need the most.

We welcome ALL into our arms and into the safe haven we are nurturing at Salt Water Studios.

The afternoon will include whatever we feel YOU need, as we have a large bag of magic from which to pick. But will most certainly include a guided meditation; yoga of some kind; talking (if you wish!); listening; sharing; breathing…..

We encourage you to switch off from the constant chatter and DO of daily life for a few hours of reflection, discovery & peaceful awakening.

Come join us.

Bookings: email or call us on 07852 999 716

We look forward to welcoming to our studio very soon.

With love, Team Salt Water Studios

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