Community Reiki

We are absolutely delighted to welcome our dear friend Christie of Body Waves Yoga to the studio on a regular basis. Join Christie on the first Friday of every month 1-5pm, for our Community Reiki

Offering more affordable sessions of Reiki Energy Healing. This ancient form of healing works with the universal energy and is intelligent, meaning it goes where it is most needed for the patient’s highest good. It can restore blockages of energy flow, emotional and physical pains and has many benefits, including deep relaxation and a sense of calm and wellbeing after treatment.

The treatments are silent and before and after you will of course get a chance to chat…initial appointments need to be 60 mins but if you come for repeat top ups the 30 minute option helps again keeping the cost down and making it more accessible.

Here is a little bit from Christie about her experiences with this wonderful magical therapy:

“I have found Reiki (receiving treatments and learning how to treat others) amazing in giving me a higher purpose, sense of calm and wellness and emotional stability I did not have before. Less roller coaster, more even keel. I believe it can help any illness, situation, emotional or physical distress by allowing the body to return to it’s most balanced state in which our incredible bodies will heal themselves!!!! The mind body and soul connection are so close, so without working on all aspects, true, full healing can be hard to achieve. I know this from my background in physical therapy, which lead me to yoga, breath work and now energy healing. I love it and want to share it with everyone. Salt Water Studios and their passion for building a beautiful community of healing for all was the perfect platform and I am so grateful to be bringing this to the healing hub of Worthing but also with the amazing people behind the scenes supporting and leading the way in providing such services.”


To book please contact Christie on 07821740166

| 60 mins £35 | 30 mins £25 |