Studio Hire

We are more than just a room with four walls; we want you to feel part of “something”……

That something is our goal of bringing people together and growing a community of like-minded souls, who share the same vision of providing wellbeing for mind, body and soul, love and care, to the people who need it most.

We believe that together we can create something special here as we have seen already, in a short space of time, that people need a place to let go and look after themselves, as well as be looked after. Our strong belief is that with enough space and time, anything can be overcome.

We invite you to join our community of kind, down to earth teachers and wellbeing practitioners in the heart of Worthing, and grow your classes from our studio. We feel sure you will meet some lovely people along the way and feel at home in Salt Water Studios

If you want to know more about the studio and how you can become part of our community email us at

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