You are warmly invited to our New Moon Community Ceremony with Katie, on Sunday 11th April 7.30 – 8.45pm. 

Our Community Ceremonies, this last year, have spanned the globe and reached far and wide. Our Community knows no bounds, we are limitless and ever expanding. I really hope you can join us this Sunday night – below are all of the details.

The New Moon is a time to go inward, to reflect, to look INSIDE ourselves and to set intentions, and gathering as a collective, together but very much in our own energies provides a wonderful opportunity to enhance our magic for GOOD. We put the good of the whole, and service to others ahead of service to the “self”

We will begin with a welcome and energy clearing, before moving into a bit of a wiggle/stretch and then into a guided meditation, following which I will guide us to create our intentions. You do not have to be an expert in ANYTHING here – just showing up is enough. Please bring with you pen and paper, some comfy clothes and feel free to do this in or on bed! Comfort is key. 

Someone reminded me very recently that when everyone plays their part, we become a Whole. So here is my invitation to you, come and play your part. I will welcome you with open arms. 

Here is the Zoom link to join us. I will look forward to seeing you , with Love Katie xxxx

(zoom link will be added on Sunday!)


Caim translates as a sanctuary; an invisible circle of protection, drawn around the body with the hand, that reminds you that you are safe and loved, even in the darkest times 💙

We will invoke our individual sanctuary’s together, and in doing so create a sanctuary that expands between us, encompassing others as it’s edges reach far and wide. Within your own sacred sanctuary you can choose to invite in who ever you wish, whoever you feel needs your love and protection. 

During this very special circle, I will lead you through energy clearing and a guided meditation and we will also have the chance to share our truth~ each of us within the circle will bare witness to one another, and often the simple act of feeling you are truly seen and heard has powerfully cleansing, releasing and soothing effects. You can feel most welcome to come as you are, and share as much or as little as you choose. The wider theme will emerge a few days before 🤍💎🌱 I am limiting spaces for this and 4 spaces are already taken so please EMAIL to book your space

With love & hope to see you. Take care Katie xxxxxx


If you are unsure how to change the world, start with yourself. Educate yourself. Educate your children. Behave the way you believe in your heart is right and true and set an example to all those around you. Send out brave and bold intentions to the Universe without any attachment to these intentions to power them, and remember that the Universes responds to bravery.

There is injustice around the world, there is much pain, hate and suffering – together we can make a change. 

JOIN ME THIS FRIDAY NIGHT for a Collective Release and Ritual for LOVE, PEACE & UNITY. If we believe others should live & act free from hate, jealousy, rage, and anger, we should TRULY do the same. Together we will work on with own shadows and set ourselves free to Love harder, shine brighter, share more peace, be more compassionate and look on every single being on this planet as the same and equal. WE ARE ALL ONE! Let’s do the work people, it’s time to go in so that together we can rewrite the future.

We will gather as individuals who each bring a unique energy, insight & wisdom. There will be no technology involved! You will be free to draw on the power of Fridays Full Strawberry Moon to power and guide you.

We will begin separate, yet very much TOGETHER, in our own spaces at 8pm ready to make our preparations and the power and majesty of the full moon at 8.12pm.

Here’s what to do, starting at 8pm Friday 5th June:

Step 1: Energy clearing

After getting comfortable in your meditative state, visualise a glorious white light surrounding you, engulfing you like a loving embrace, as you take a long, slow, deep inhale. Allow it to permeate your energy body and all the way to your core. Hold your inhale for a few counts and release it, along with the light that is taking with it all the energy that you have released. This practice, takes only as long as a slow inhale and exhale, and can be done 3, 4 or even 5 times as needed to clear any energy that you have picked up from others throughout your day.

Step 2: Meditation

Once you have cleared your energy settle yourself into a natural breathing rhythm, in and out through the nose. You can sit up with a straight spine, or lie down. With your eyes closed allow your awareness to drop into the centre of your being – wherever you feel that is. Bring softness to the entirety of your physical body and, if you are sitting, imagine your tail bone rooting into the earth so that the rest of your spine can, without any effort, float up and feel free and light. If you are laying down, soften the whole back of your body into the loving embrace of the Earth and allow yourself to be held.

Anchor your awareness on your breath and then repeat the mantra aloud 3 times, then 3 times in your mind. Every time your mind wanders during your meditation bring it back to repeating the mantra. Our mantra is: “I willingly release what no longer empowers and nourishes me”

Stay with this meditation for 5-10 minutes. When you are ready to come out, gently release the mantra and open your eyes. Keep the gaze soft and stay within, in this calm, open, willing space you have cultivated. Now move into your choice of Ritual.

Step 3: Ritual

These times are unprecedented and it feels as though on a daily basis more darkness is thrown up in front of us. More light has been shone onto and into these dark corners of the world and people are being shown to us in ways that are ugly, cruel and painful. Our society is also crumbling, in that the old ways that served really only a small portion are starting to fall down. It is being shown to ever more people that there are many ways to live, many ways to be, many belief systems and that there is no “one” size fits all. And so with all of this intensity around us it is only natural that we may find it harder to simply let go of feelings. It is not always possible to simply let them go. Ideally, we would be able to sense, feel, process, release, and integrate our emotions with ease. But that is not the reality always.

We will draw on the elements to help us release and, depending on what you specifically feel you need to work with, you can pick from any of the below rituals. The main thing is that we will be doing this collectively to release our heavy, negative, dark emotions up and away so that they can be transmuted and we will be left with more space to invite in LOVE, light, peace, harmony, unity, compassion. Please approach this from a place of kindness for yourself, no matter what you are feeling. We all have that shadow side and often it is because we too posses these traits that jar us when we feel them from others. This is just a simple act of becoming aware, noticing and setting ourselves free. If you are not sure which ritual to choose, just trust yourself and go with your gut. I will be working with Fire, the first option.


This fire bowl ritual is very simple, and can be adapted to whatever you’re needing in the moment. 

Tools: fire safe bowl/ strips of paper & pen/ lighter or matches/ a safe ventilated area, or even better do it outside!


  1. On the piece of paper, write down whatever you wish to release. This could be a person’s name, a situation/conflict, or emotions/feelings.
  2. Hold the paper in your hands as you say “I release myself from ……” you may also wish to pray or call in your guides to help you release this fully. Give thanks to the element of fire as well.
  3. Dangle the paper over your firesafe bowl, and light it up! Let it drop into the bowl before it burns your fingers.
  4. Dispose of the ash by flushing it down the toilet or burying it in soil outside.


The most stable, nurturing, and grounding element, earth is wonderful to work with when you’re feeling stagnant and heavy. If you’re weighed down by emotion, you can give that over to Mother Earth, knowing that her forces can easily transmute it.

Tools: several stones or pebbles & a place outside – by the sea or in your garden


  1. Gather any stones or pebbles that call to you.
  2. Infuse them with any emotion or feeling that you wish to release. Use one stone for each emotion, person, or situation. Hold them in between your hands, visualising the difficult emotions going into the stone.
  3. Once the stones or pebbles are infused with the emotions you wish to release, gather them up and take them to a spot in nature where you can let them go
  4. You may throw them into the sea or gently bury them in some soil


I really love the power of water for its cooling and calming properties. If you are an Empath like me you may find water a wonderful way to help you release other peoples emotions on a daily basis – every time I get into the sea, a bath or shower I literally can feel emotions draining from me. This Ritual is in general a great ritual for self-care and for releasing “hot” emotions like anger.

Tools: bath or small foot basin for a foot bath/ epsom or Himalayan salts/ essential oil of your choice (optional)/ water-safe crystals (optional)


  1. Draw yourself a nice warm bath, or fill a basin for a foot bath, adding the salts to the water as it fills up.
  2. Add your essential oils, if using
  3. Add your crystals, if using. Some water-safe crystals include: clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and rose quartz.
  4. As you enjoy your bath or foot soak, visualise your pain, hurt, or other difficult emotions being drawn into the water. See it being pulled out of your body by the cleansing water. Watch these emotions drain out of you as you soak.
  5. When it’s time to empty your bath give thanks to the element of water, and visualise your emotions going down the plug hole


One of the quickest and easiest rituals I use involves the air element. Using the smoke of certain plants, we can cleanse ourselves and our space of anything that’s holding us down, and get a fresh perspective. 

Tools: smudge sticks (you can easily use a small bunch of rosemary or lavender!)resin, or wood to burn/ Small fireproof bowl or shell/ Lit candle


  1. Open at least one window in the space where you will be smudging.
  2. Light your chosen smudge material in the candle’s flame, then hold over your bowl/shell as the smoke begins to waft.
  3. You may call upon your guides, angels, ancestors, or anyone else who can help you with this emotional release, or you may simply state aloud that you now release the emotion.
  4. Wave the smoke around yourself and your space, visualising it cleansing the air of your unwanted emotions, and carrying them away.
  5. Extinguish your smudge stick or other material when you’re finished.

Step4: CLOSING YOUR SPACE – giving thanks with this simple reading:

I give thanks for the many lessons my trials and emotions have bestowed upon me, and I welcome with an open heart the clarity, wisdom and power this Full Moon infuses me with tonight. I give thanks to all within the Community who join with me tonight and I send my love indiscriminately out to all. I trust in my own intuition, my angels and my guides to lead me towards situations, relationships and energies that will serve the highest good. 

Our wonderful friend Linzi has also invited anyone who wishes to join her for The Love Full Moon Nidra, starting at 8.30pm. To join Linzi book here

Thank you so much for joining us! Please share perhaps a picture of your lovely self or let me know via email how it went for you, it would be so wonderful to hear from you. My email is or you can message me 07852999716

with love & thanks Katie xxxxx

Our next Community event will be Community Circle of Collaboration, Compassion, Care & Connection

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