Our vision is to gather together a community ~ of teachers and practitioners, as well as “people” ~ who want to feel part of something.  The people who come to practise here, as well as those who come to teach, share, guide and heal share that same underlying essence of being humble, open, down to earth and wanting to help others. No egos, lots of smiles and lots of laughs. … we are all in it together 🙂

At Salt Water Studios we believe that the cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea, and in our little studio by the sea we provide numerous ways for you to cure and heal. Sweat often glistens on skin in classes where we work HARD, and tears (ours as well as others!) most definitely fall as we let go.

We take a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing – mind, body and soul are all interconnected and work together so it makes sense to us that focusing on YOU in your entirety will help achieve a happier, healthier version of YOU! Passionate about nutrition, yoga, HIIT, pilates, mindfulness, natural health, alternative therapies and much more- we aim to bring more and more to you; it might not be that you feel you need it all right now, but maybe one day you will, and when you do we want to be here for you. We also hope to raise awareness that YOUR healing lies in YOUR hands – you can take back your health and happiness by simply choosing to believe in yourself and your bodies amazing ability to regenerate, and by stepping into your first class or treatment with us.

Our strong belief is that movement practises should be fun, empowering efficient, restorative and all about how you FEEL. Whilst during those quieter practises and treatments we wish to give you the space to really feel what is going on. The energy that is in and surrounds the studios is palpable, and is part of what makes Salt Water Studios really special ~ this energy is being added to by every simple person who steps in.

Our small class sizes enable the teachers to really focus on each individual, ensuring you are working mindfuly and with correct alignment; after all, you only have one body so it needs to be treated with kindness.

We look forward to welcoming to our studio very soon.

With love, Team Salt Water Studios


Above is our schedule. Please contact the teachers individually for any class bookings – via the list below.

Contact details:

Little Movers Womama Yoga: Melina (Womama Yoga):

YogaISH: Michelle (YogaISH): | click here to visit Michelle’s page

nourishing Yin Yoga (Monday night) Aurora Yoga Glow:

Mat Pilates: 07951 971015

Hatha Flow Yoga (Emily):

Yoga for Beginners (Emily):

Kalm Horizons:

Cruisers + Crawlers Yoga – Womama: Melina:

Parent + Baby Yoga Womama: Melina :

The Possibility Space (Georgia):

Yin/Yang Yoga (Immersive Yoga):

Pregnancy Yoga – Womama: Melina :

Hatha Yoga (Annette):

Connection Flow: Maisie:

Goddess Flow: Sher (Goddess Flow Yoga`):

Yoga for Everybody:

sacred Circle for women: Katie (Women’s Circles): or 07852999716 | click here to visit Katie’s page

Chillout Yoga with Emma:

Deep Rest with Louise:

Restore By Candlelight with Meghann:

Anne-Marie (Taste of Space Acupuncture):

Christie: | | click here to visit Christies page | for Reiki click here

Live Love Yoga TT: Nathalie:






Josephine of Echo Yoga:


Please also feel free to drop Katie + Ross an email for anything else you need on

Studio Hire

We are more than just a room with four walls; we want you to feel part of “something”……

That something is our goal of bringing people together and growing a community of like-minded souls, who share the same vision of providing wellbeing for mind, body and soul, love and care, to the people who need it most.

We believe that together we can create something special here as we have seen already, in a short space of time, that people need a place to let go and look after themselves, as well as be looked after. Our strong belief is that with enough space and time, anything can be overcome.

We invite you to join our community of kind, down to earth teachers and wellbeing practitioners in the heart of Worthing, and grow your classes from our studio. We feel sure you will meet some lovely people along the way and feel at home in Salt Water Studios

If you want to know more about the studio and how you can become part of our community email us at

Eddie | @Mangomanmovement

About Eddie + Jess

The Whole Co is.. everything we’ve been learning, trying and practicing daily for 15 years between us. Fuelled by a passion for self development, growth and healing; we have both dedicated a lot of time to the art of self care in all of its forms. Including but not limited to exercise, food and mindset management, we put together offerings based on the whole human system – mind, body and soul. Our fitness classes are infused with breath work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, creating a space for active meditation and optimising the way our muscles receive oxygen. Our dinner clubs are a place for sharing soul warming food charged with our passion, literal good vibes ready to eat. We want to make every day sacred, every experience one to learn from, and put the fun back in to taking charge of our own happiness!


Yoga Fit | Monday 5.45pm

YogaFit is a yoga based fitness class focused on building strength, balance and coordination. Open to all levels. £10 per class

Dynamic Yoga | Wednesday 5.45pm

A dynamic mix of movement, breath work and cleansing practices connecting mind body and spirit. £10 per class

Kaula Tantra Yoga Workshops

~ The full pranayama & asana series (150 mins) ~

Kaula Tantra Yoga is a deeply restorative breath work and yoga practice which creates balance between the feminine and masculine energies in the body. No yoga experience needed, open to everybody.

Booking via Eddie

Price £25 

How to book

Bookings can be made by sending a message to

Head over to @thewholeco and @mangomanmovement on Instagram to stay updated!

We look forward to seeing you!

Some words from Eddie on getting back to the studios

Getting back to the studios will be the biggest homecoming of the year. Salt Water Studios is the central star of the Worthing yoga community and we’re ready to shine brighter than ever


Taste of Space Community Acupuncture

Wednesdays 10.30am – 2.30pm

Sliding payment scale £20 – £40 (you choose what you pay)

More info and book online

Taste of Space Community Acupuncture, run by local acupuncturist Anne-Marie, is a friendly and affordable acupuncture space available at Salt Water Studios every Wednesday. 

The light and airy studio is sectioned with dividers into private areas allowing for up to 3 people to be treated at any one time. The nature of acupuncture means once your needles are gently in place, someone else can be treated while you relax for the remainder of your treatment. 

The concept is a traditional way of offering acupuncture and means sessions can be offered at a lower cost with no reduction to quality or effect.

Acupuncture points used are usually located on the lower arms and legs, you only need to roll sleeves and trouser legs up, so you can restore in full comfort and privacy.

To book and for more information about how the clinic works and how acupuncture can help you, please visit


The sliding payment scale is often used in community acupuncture clinics, allowing you to decide how much to pay for your treatment. Affordable options enable more people in our communities to experience the benefits of acupuncture as often as needed in order to get better quicker. 

You choose what you can afford to pay between £20 – £40 each time you come in, no questions asked.

If you can afford it, please consider paying towards the higher end of the scale, it’s a lovely way to contribute to the health of your local community and support those around you, always knowing the space is there for you too during less flush times.​

If finances are tricky (for you or someone you know) and don’t reach the scale, Anne-Marie offers one free treatment p/w at the clinic. Please do get in touch for a chat –


Your safety is paramount to us and we’re working hard to ensure the space operates as smoothly and safely as possible. The studio is well ventilated and regularly cleaned, the treatment couches are well over 2m apart, there will be no more than 4 people (including Anne-Marie) in the space at any one time, everyone is pre-screened and wearing masks, and thorough hygiene procedures are in place. Please read more about the measures in place here ​


Everyone is welcome, whoever you are and whatever your situation; come and experience the benefits of acupuncture in a relaxing, comfortable and safe space. 

Please feel free to contact Anne-Marie with any questions on 07719 531085 or