Studio owner Katie has been blending her own range of organic, plant-based skincare since 2006, and we are so happy to be able to offer it to you!

Using plant-based truly natural ingredients doesn’t mean that glowing radiant skin needs to be compromised, in fact quite the opposite. For those who prefer a holistic and natural approach to wellbeing and beauty, using products containing chemicals on a regular basis can feel incompatible with the choices we make about our food or environment. The skin is the largest organ in the body, made up of more than 100 billion cells. It performs a number of life-sustaining tasks. Incorporating plant-based oils into your skincare regime will result in some amazing benefits!

  • Skin and plants are alive and full of nature’s intelligence, or prana, so it makes sense to combine the two. Using vibrant, living ingredients on your skin will increase the life-force of your skin. Plants are full of life and naturally possess everything your skin needs to keep thriving, glowing, and vibrating with health
  • When we put chemicals on our skin, there’s really no opportunity to filter them out and so they’re absorbed into our blood, organs, tissues, and cells. The excess dead waste can accumulate in the liver, contributing to health problems over time. Start thinking about skincare as a way to feed and nourish your body with the essential fatty acids it craves, to keep your skin healthy, supple, and rejuvenated!
  • You will also boost your immunity! Essential oils have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, to protect your skin. Applying oil to the body also serves a vital cleansing role, helping to draw out toxins whilst also helping calm the nervous system so the body can move from stress-fighting functions to rejuvenating functions. When the nervous system is at rest, the cells can better repair themselves.
  • The good news is, no matter what your skin has been exposed to in the past, it can heal itself. Skin cells regenerate every 40 days, so healing can and will occur 

I look at it like this – why would I want to put something on my skin that I am not happy to eat or drink? Because the end result really is the same, whether you apply it to your face, or eat it, the ingredient will end up inside your body.

I currently offer the below bespoke products. All are 100% organic and plant-based and are made by hand in small batches, infused with extra love.

  1. CALMING BALANCING FACIAL MIST (Rose + Lavender floral waters): £17 100ml
  4. MOTHER + BABY BALM (for nappy rash, breastfeeding nipples and all bits in between!) £15 60g
  5. BEDTIME BALM (infused with lavender) £15 60g

for any enquiries or to make a purchase please message Katie on 07852 999 716 or email

thank you so much xxx