New Space

Our peaceful, bright, light, plant-filled space has the ability to transform into whatever you want and need it to be.

This haven in the heart of Worthing is perfect for creative sessions, events, away days & team gatherings. Ideas need time and space to foster and grow, so why not take your team out of their normal surroundings to find inspiration & bring new ideas to life? We can comfortably seat 32 for work-based sessions and have a number of options from our basic package to a fully-hosted day, meaning you can focus completely on the tasks at hand, feeling full fuelled and looked after.

Or, perhaps you need to MOVE ~ in which case you have also come to the right place! We can very comfortably fit 12 people on mats for any kind of wellbeing movement practise or class. the plants we have lovingly nurtured and filled the space with have air purifying qualities so you can feel sure that as you move and start to breath deeper your lungs will be filled with all the GOOD STUFF.

Our space is ready to become exactly what you need ~ enhancing your wellbeing and those you bring with you along the way.

For more information please drop us an email. We hope to see you very soon. 

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