Zhineng Qigong with QiTribe

About Zhineng Qigong:

Zhineng Qigong translates at Wisdom Ability Energy Practice. It’s a form of movement using the mind and body with a connection to the universal energy, Qi. 

Qi is the invisible force than can create change. With this, we can heal our bodies and minds of anything. Nothing is impossible! Qigong is an ancient practice going back 5000 years, this recent re-make of it is called Zhineng which was created by a doctor who studied in the east and west. He brought together the great bits from different styles of Qigong to make Zhineng.

DR. Pang put together the simple but highly effective set of exercises, he healed hundreds of thousands in China at his medicine less hospital of many different things. From back pain to Cancer.

Ultimately, it’s a tool for healing and prevention of illness. To thrive in life with this vital energy harnessed. To enjoy life with less stress.”

Read on for Jamie’s bio:

Jamie Hughes founder of Qi Tribe is a Zhineng Qigong teacher and meditation instructor. His Love for meditation and energy work compelled him to travel to China to study Qigong. Jamie has grown his operation from humble beginnings, teaching to small gathering for free to a multi-class program in London and teaching up and down the country at a variety of events. Jamie also teaches Qi Gong at a mental health foundation, offices, rehab clinics and is runs retreats in the Uk, Ibiza and more. 


Classes: every Monday 7-8pm

Price: £30 monthly membership or £10 drop in per class

Bookings can be made by sending a message to jamie@qitribe.co.uk

Head over to @qitribe on Instagram to stay updated!

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