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About Yoga with Emma

Welcome! I am an avid yoga and wellbeing lover, and want to share this beautiful practise with you! With over 8 years experience, I have truly felt the many benefits of having a regular yoga practise. Being hypermobile with lower back pain myself, yoga has taught me so much about my own body and how to build strength and flexibility. Understanding how to reconnect to our bodies and the way they move and feel…Yoga with Emma is all about functional movement. Understanding the benefits of our practise and how we can take these ideas and use them off our mats in daily life. We explore dynamic flow yoga to help wake up the body and build strength. This dynamic practise is combined with more restorative yin elements to help calm and quieten the mind. I truly love being to provide a service that feels safe, nurturing and supportive!


Yang to Yin Yoga | Tuesday 5.45pm

Dynamic, strong, playful movement to build strength in the body. Combining soft, slow yin yoga to help relax, soften and find ease in the mind. Reconnecting mind and body through playful and gentle movement. Adapted for varying needs. This class is about exploring our bodies and our minds.

Chillout Sessions | 1st Monday of every month 8pm

How to book Yang to Yin Yoga

£50 class pass (6 sessions) / £10 drop in

Booking Link:

How to book Chillout Session

Some words from Emma on getting back to the studio and the experience of lockdown

Teaching online and building a community has been a wonderful experience. Meeting new people whilst still being able to connect even though we have not been together in person has been fun. However, my heart lies in the human experience of being together. Of being in a space designed and created purely for our practise. Saltwater studio is a magical place to teach and welcome students into. A big part of my teaching is being able to see my students and they way they are moving their bodies, guiding them through a safe and nurturing practise. To have those little moments of conversational exchange. I love being around people. I love the energy and connection it brings and people coming together to share their practise. To be able to now have these exchanges in person and continue sharing my love of Yoga again feels amazing. Let’s do this together!

That anything is possible! That we cannot truly ever know how things will play out. We have to adapt and adjust and keep moving forward. For me it has taught me that it is okay to let go an surrender. To not have to be in control. Move and think in a way that feels good for you and this is how my own practise and teaching has evolved over the past few months. Yoga is the one constant thing that no matter where you or how you are feeling, showing up on your mat in whatever feels good, just helps! We are stronger than we think and that if we are not feeling strong right now that’s okay too. All is okay! There’s no right or wrong way to feel. This is what I’ve learnt. And I think am still learning. But Yoga, oh my dear friend Yoga, what a blessing to have had this practice to come back to.

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