Yoga with Emma

About Yoga with Emma: 

Welcome! I am an avid yoga and wellbeing lover, and want to share this beautiful practise with you! With over 8 years experience, I have truly felt the many benefits of having a regular yoga practise. Being hypermobile with lower back pain myself, yoga has taught me so much about my own body and how to build strength and flexibility. Understanding how to reconnect to our bodies and the way they move and feel…Yoga with Emma is all about functional movement. Understanding the benefits of our practise and how we can take these ideas and use them off our mats in daily life. We explore dynamic flow yoga to help wake up the body and build strength. This dynamic practise is combined with more restorative yin elements to help calm and quieten the mind. I truly love being to provide a service that feels safe, nurturing and supportive!

Class Synopsis

Energising Yoga Flow Fridays 7.15 – 8.15am

An energising and dynamic flow to help wake up the body and mind. Focusing on creating space, mobility and strength. We move through a practise of breathwork, yoga asana and a revitalising and calming relaxation at the end. The class is designed to leave you filling open, reenergised and ready to take on the day. My aim is to help you create space in the body and mind through a series of sequences to leave you feeling refreshed.

I always love to ensure students have time at the end of class to fully relax and find some stillness to help the mind quieten and slow down. Our relaxation is designed to help bring some focus, clarity and calmness to our busy schedules.

This class is about moving in a fun and playful way. Allowing us the opportunity to release and let go of tension and stress in the body and mind.


Pricing: First class half price £5

Drop in £10

Block of 6 £50 (one free class inc block)

How to book: cash or paypal, baccs, message via Anyway really!