Linzi Rodina Reset

Yoga Reset with Linzi Rodina

Its all about whether it is ONE DAY…. OR DAY ONE?
We are the masters of our own lives. We have liberty and therefore in this priviledge sometimes we forget we can choose to be our best version of ourselves.

All my work. All of it; spirals around authenticity and optimal health. The yoga, the fitness, the massage, the meditation…. its all about where our heads are at and what our intention is.

Integrity is key regarding who you choose to work with. All is a relationship of some guise.

My main intention is to spread light and smiles.
With 21 years experience working with human beings in a therapeutic way, my guidance is client led, and my intention is to always quieten the nervous system, and then we build on a calm foundation. With experience of injuries and a wisdom of the physiology of the body, and postural assessment, each instruction is rarely generic and personal approach is key to my clients feeling safe.

Good health starts in our minds and our actions follow.


Class Synopsis


SCHOOL TERM TIME ONLY, Mondays 9.15 – 10.30am

Yoga Reset is a challenging yet soothing sequence of movements that unravel where we hold tension, and then we build muscle to support the body. The mind is quiet and there is always an intention setting exercise.



Β£15 drop in

Β£10 per class when booked as a course.


Yoga Nidra with Linzi Rodina

Linzi has been teaching yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for 15 years. With a background in therapeautic hypnotherapy, let her voice soothe you into a deep state of relaxation. Teetering on the edge of sleep and wakefulness. Her guidance will help alleviate anxiety, insomnia, and pain related illnesses.
Class Synopsis
Second Sunday of every month, 8.15-9.15pm
A total respite to quieten that monkey chatter that keeps us all human. Sometimes that monkey chatter can get out of control. This is a fantastic tonic for soothing the nervous system and clearing space to set brand new ways to be.
Bring cushions and a blanket and wear your pjs if you wish.
Sessions are Β£15 for an hour of complete mind rinse and body reset.

insta: Linzirodinareset
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