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From our hearts to yours…..

Wednesday 1st December | 4.45-5.45pm – a free gathering with a facilitated activity for parents/carers + your children ages 4-9

It was an absolute joy to connect with those that came to our first free offering last Wednesday which launched The Possibility Space.

We are so excited to connect again on Wednesday 1st December and look forward to welcoming children aged 4-9, and extended family for our second free event. 

We have called it ‘threads of connection’ as we believe that the possibility space is a place to feel safe, a place for our voices to be heard, to be held and supported in a safe and connected community. Together anything us possible.  

We cannot wait to share our offering with you and to weave our threads together to create something beautiful that will represent each and every one of you in our growing community of adults and children…

Following this we will be running The Possibility Space every Wednesday 4:45-5:45.

To book your free space for Weds 1st Dec please email us at or message Katie on 07852999716

all our love and we cant wait to see you !! xxx

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The Possibility Space is our heartfelt offering. Katie is a mother of two young children, whilst Georgia and Eve both work with children in their formative years – the three of us together have poured our souls into the incubation and bringing forth of The Possibility Space. We are so excited for all possibility and for you to be there with your children 🙂

Our Intentions behind and for the Possibility Space

Katie Robertson – Co-founder of Salt Water Studios, Yoga Teacher + Community Circle facilitator

“You can’t believe in Possibility and not believe in yourself…You can’t believe in yourself and not believe in Possibility”…Dr Joe Dispenza.

Rumi once said “out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”.

My hope is that through the Possibility Space we journey into the field, together. That we remember, together, anything is possible for us and our children. The Possibility Space to me feels, energetically, like the Field for us and our children – but still beyond that. As more than Mother and Son, Father and Daughter – as equals.

My hope is that we can let go of all expectations we have knowingly or unknowingly placed upon our children. For our children – I hope they remember that they are already who they came here to be. We can get so lost in life and so much of my adult life has been about unlearning and remembering. I wish for all children to know that they are already whole.

Georgia Yiapanis, Founder of Learning to Learn Together

I believe that children are powerful, capable and connected. The more I listen to children, take time to understand their interests and give space to support and honour their ideas, the more I am blown away by their intuition, honesty and wisdom. I am passionate about establishing opportunities for children to work collaboratively alongside their peers, with local community projects and in harmony with the environments that surround them. By giving them involvement in experiences that can bring context and purpose I hope they feel a sense of awe and wonder that leads to a connection and affinity with the world around them.

The possibility space is a place where we can explore another way. We can question, collaborate and playfully engage in the joys and infinite possibilities of childhood and parenthood with a connected body, listening ear, supportive hand, creative eye and progressive/curious mind.

The possibility space is an invitation to disconnect and reconnect to something that is authentic and real. A flexible space where one size does not fit all but in fact all sizes are welcomed and their own fit is found though 100 languages.

The possibility space is a powerful place where we can talk and share and imagine and manifest. It is empowering all who enter. A space that can be a home for learning and wonder for discovering YOU and what could be. 

The possibility space was created at a very special time in a very special place and this in itself is a symbol of possibility. When we work for a while to find ourselves it can often lead us on a lonely path until we meet others who are on the same journey of discovery. A light shines.

The possibility space is a safe place for resting, recharging and inviting a WORLD of possibility. 

The possibility space is Intuition, purpose, dreams, hope, love, compassion, (play & laughter!)

The possibility space is all of us together.

Eve Hardcastle, Artist + Creative Facilitator

My intention for the possibility space is to bring light, joy, laughter and discovery. Over the years I have worked in creatively facilitating learning for children, the children I have worked with continue to amaze me. They inspire me with their powerful ideas and imagination and I’m in awe of their natural joy and yearning for discoveries and curiosities. By listening deeper to children’s voices we can learn so much. If we give children the choice to lead their learning themselves, they take us to incredible insights and places. If we allow space for discovery, curiosity and play, they teach us and remind us as adults what is really important in life.  It deeply saddens me when I see the spark or the light dim from a child. If only everyone everywhere could see children as the powerful creative light forces that they are… I think then we really could change the world. It is my passion to give individuals the space they need to grow, to explore and discover. To enable individuals to deeply dream and imagine their creations and bring them into reality.

to find out more and book: or message Katie on 07852999716

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