Co-founder Pennie provides the SOUL at Salt Water Studios, through her classes that happen on Wednesday evenings, as well as the events put on together with Founder Katie (our Women’s Circles, retreat days and such). Read on for more from our lovely lovely Pennie, and if you haven’t been to see her yet – you must!

What is  S O U L ?

People talk about ‘mind, body and soul’, what do they mean? We all know about the body, even the mind, but what lies beyond?

Whatever your opinion, the phrase ‘good for the soul’ seems increasingly commonplace, being said by all types of people (not just the ‘spiritual’ ones). The ‘s’ word is becoming embedded in our everyday language as something to soothe, feed, listen to.

In the modern age, the idea of ‘the soul’ seems, in some ways, ever further removed as our lives speed up and we move away from esoteric connections and concepts so familiar to our ancestors, not to mention it’s traditional shrouding in religious ideals and mystery.

I share this ancient belief that there is more beyond the physical, visible, ‘touchable’ stuff and thought patterns that make us up (and that we can do much to nourish it as the saying above goes). It’s a word that for me has come to represent something akin to a unique, central ‘essence’ in each and every one of us.

Perhaps it’s precisely because of the fact that life is so up-regulated, disjointed and distracted for nearly all of us, I feel the need to open to this aspect of wellbeing is even more important than ever. To buck the trend for all things surface and look after and listen into the ‘inner self’ as a crucial component of living a fully engaged, energised life.

I’ve learned to access deeper by first taking care of the physical and mental, by ‘quietening’ these down so I can tune in past them. This is the process of ‘dialing down’ from too commonly being on ‘high alert’, learning to self-soothe so I can hear the internal whispers of guidance that I believe we all have beyond the loud shouts of usual programmed responses and noise of ‘outer’ life.

In my SOUL sessions at Salt Water Studios I use a wide range of the most effective, fast acting and regenerative practices I’ve discovered (breathing techniques, sound bathing/ therapy, gently activated movements, yoga nidra and meditation). I tailor them for each individual session and to the specific attendees that come.

My intention is pure; for you to be able to step back and chip back a layer (or three J), to find the transformative power of diving deeper if you feel inspired to. I welcome one and all whatever ability, shape, age, state etc, I invite into sacred space, in which you can unwind, lighten and ultimately be yourself.

S O U L with Pennie | Upcoming classes

Wed 3rd Oct – 7.45-9pm : CLARITY CHILLOUT CLASS

Wed 24th Oct – 7.45 – 9pm : RESONATE CHILL SOUND SESSION, followed at 9.10-10pm by NIDRA SOUND SLEEP SESSION

Wed 7th Nov – 7.45 – 9pm : CLARITY CHILLOUT CLASS

Wed 21st Nov – 7.45 – 9pm: RESONATE CHILL SOUND SESSION



Full details of each class and

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