ReUnion – May 2022

It gives me the greatest honour to announce that my first ever circle-led journey will be going ahead this May – from Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd.

I invite you to join me and to gather with dear women for sacred circle and ritual. To nourish your system with embodiment practise and love filled movement. To awaken your soul with stillness, silence and a sacred pause. 

ReUnion is in part a journey, in part exploration, in part an excavation – into all it is to be You. An uncovering, a remembering, a Homecoming.

Downs Barn, Sompting Estate
Salt Water Studios, Worthing

Harmony and Union

My intention and work has been clarifying over the last 6 months and what is here today is the need to bring the circle into the everyday- to divinise the mundane – to bridge the gap and to remove all lines of separation between the different parts of ourselves, the different “versions” of ourselves we play and instead to uncover the deepest harmony and union. Harmony and union within and without. For some of us this will mean dancing in the Void and Unknown; for some it will mean burrowing deep into the darkness and fertile Earth; for some it will mean allowing suffering and pain to move through us; for some it will mean facing up to hard truths. For some it will mean other things entirely. None of this is beyond any of you reading this…. You will not only receive the medicine you need across this weekend but you will also bring your own unique medicine into the container. 

This gathering of Women of Earth and Stars will give you the opportunity to embrace circle as a valuable part of life, to weave it into your whole life and to remember that it is constantly alive within you – within all of us. 

Power and Possibility

I have felt a call to strip back much lately and to accept that there are no superheroes out there – there is not going to be a moment when a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky to save us all  – WE are the ones we have been waiting for and each of us is here for a reason. It may be nothing that you perceive to be “grand” but it will matter. It does matter and you do matter. Each of you who step forward to embark on this soul journey hold immense power within you and the keys to all possibility. We will open a portal together across this weekend in May and each day that we return home we will take some part of our devotional practise with us. It feels important that we carry out this work on the land we all call home – the land in and around Worthing, and by returning home every night we have the opportunity to take the circle home with us and seed some magic into the land your home sits upon. This is about the circle taking hold and all of the wonderful things we get to experience in circle living through us and being birthed by each of us into every part of our lives.

When: 20th – 22nd May

  • Friday 20th May | 1500 – 2100
  • Saturday 21st May | 1100 – 1800
  • Sunday 22nd May 1000 – 1800.
  • Outside of these times there will optional sea swims +/or sea gazing depending on the tide

Where:  Our time will be split between Salt Water Studios in Worthing and Downs Barn, Sompting Estate where we will have access to open space and land.

This journey offers you time to be safely held but with space to expand. A container strong and gentle enough to be what you need it to be. A doorway that, if you choose to step through it, will deliver you exactly where you need to be.

What is included: 

  • Movement practise
  • Embodiment practise
  • Teaching
  • Sacred circle
  • Ritual 
  • Nature Walks
  • Channelled guidance
  • Channelled healing
  • Hands on healing
  • Lunch on Saturday + Sunday 

Investment per person: £222

The exact make up of the weekend will be very much guided by whoever chooses to step forward and join me- your energy will be central to our journey and I will be working to ensure that the weekend is wholeheartedly tailored to meet the needs of whoever joins.

About Katie – your facilitator

I will guide you to reclaim all that you are. To a place of trust and Deep reverence for yourself and your path. What I am learning more and more is that there IS space for ALL THAT IS. My gift I believe is my openness. I am never in a hurry to shut down and this has allowed me to see from so many perspectives. There is a place and a space for you to embody and experience all of it. You can journey all the way up and all the way down. Into the depths and soul of the Earth; into your physicality; into the wisdom of your Womb or womb space; into the core of your heart; up and out into the Void- into Nothing and beyond. To the stars, to star systems and far off galaxies. Into the Mysteries of You and why you are here. The more I see and understand the less I feel I know! I am so far from “perfect” as laid out by society. Every day I begin again. My path as facilitator is very simple. I am just simply here to open the door for you , sometimes not even that- very often to show you that there is a door. To create the container and invite you in. All of the rest is in your hands. 

If you would like to join me please drop me an email below that we can discuss further any questions you have!

Payment options and plans are available as its important to me this is accessible to all who feel called.

I am incredibly excited for this and am so grateful to you for reading thus far! 

With endless love to you and I really hope you can join me,

Katie xxxx

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