We are here for you and across the weekend of 18th & 19th January we are inviting you into our plant-filled studios for a host of FREE soul-enlivening experiences led by our family of teachers and practitioners.

These will allow you to feel for yourself exactly what we are about, what we hope to inspire within you and what we strive to empower you to believe. 

If not now, then when?

To view the full line up see below and please email to book your slot. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours to confirm you place 🙂

We are here for you 🙂


0930 – 1030 Energising Yoga Flow with Emma | An energising and dynamic flow to help wake up the body and mind. Focusing on creating space, mobility and strength Vinyasa Yoga with Emily Manning (all levels) | Increase your flexibility and strength and find more mental peace through body and breath awareness.
1100 – 1200Multi-bed Acupuncture with Taste of Space Yogabellies | Pregnancy yoga
1230 – 1330Multi-bed Acupuncture with Taste of SpaceLive Love Yoga Teacher Training | 40 minute class followed by Q&A & discussion about course structure/learnings
1400 – 1500The Whole Co sessions|

1400 – 1445 : Yoga with Jessica – slow & strong flow for all levels

1500 – 1530: Meditation with Jessica – guided meditation & breath work
1530 – 16301545 – 1630: Reclaim your body with Eddie – functional movement patterns incorporating yoga, mobility & calisthenicsLighten & Lengthen with Emily Graves | gentle movement + breath aimed at easing + relieving hips + hamstrings, body + mind. If you’re a runner, a rider or generally demand a lot from your body, or if you just want to find some space and fluidity, this class is for you. 
1700 – 1800YogaISH | FOCUS —> HEAT –> FIRE FLOW –> ‘CARPE DIEM’ (challenge!)  –> “SHAVASANA” (ISH!). Yin & Release with Bea Yoga Wellbeing | a yin yoga class with elements of myofascial release
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0930 – 1030Hatha Flow with Sacred Space Yoga & Wellbeing |A peaceful yet invigorating yoga flow class to strengthen your body and help you connect to inner calm. Creating serenity for the body, mind and soul! Suitable for all levelsMatwork Pilates with Helen | we will work through the whole body, standing, seated and lying on the mat. We also use small mat equipment, such as therabands, small Pilates balls and Pilates Circle.
1100 – 1200Heart Centred Yoga with Hannah Shutt | deeply meditative, nurturing and flowing practices designed to open the body, mind and heart, release physical and emotional tension, build core strength and resilience, cultivate balance and flexibility, and promote deep relaxationZhineng Qigong with Jamie of QiTribe | Zhineng Qigong translates at Wisdom Ability Energy Practice. It’s a form of movement using the mind and body with a connection to the universal energy, Qi.
1230 – 1330BodyWaves Yoga | Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa combined with Meditation and Breath work finishing with some Yin asanas to bring a full mind body soul experience. Leaving you feeling a beautiful mixture of balance, energy and relaxation for your whole being.Power Vinyasa with Ocean Mind Wellness | a vibrant, dynamic flow class will stretch and develop your yoga practice. Centred on exploring mobility, flexibility, and strength, whilst focusing on integrity of your poses. The opportunity for those comfortable to practice more challenging asanas.
1400 – 1500FULL UP NOW SO WAITLIST ONLY: Reiki Tasters with Body Waves Yoga | three sessions available at 1345, 1415 + 1445Sweaty Mama| Sweaty Mama is the fun, effective and interactive workout with your child.
Babies, Toddlers and preschoolers love Sweaty Mama. Children from 6 wks – 4 yrs old+
1700 – 1800Hatha Mixed Ability with I Am Yoga Worthing | focusing on traditional asanas to help bring the mind, body and breath together. The class is very friendly with a mixture of poses to help build strength, flexibility, connection with the body and calmness within. Plus a beautiful savasana.
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