Open Day – sat 12 November

Join us for a day of free classes, sessions and experiences in our yoga + wellbeing space and our brand new gym.

In the Gym – with our resident PT Andy:

Small group taster sessions in our brand new gym space with free consultations for anyone interested on the day.

0900 – 0945 | small group PT taster

1000 – 1045 | small group PT taster

1100 – 1145 | small group PT taster

1200 – 1245 | we warmly invite local PT’s in to have a look at our new space + talk about future opportunities for renting + collaboration

email to book in

In the Yoga + Wellbeing space

0900 – 0945| Sacred circle for women – Katie. Experience a potent pause. An opportunity to begin the process of returning home to the heights + depths of you + all that is. An invitation to experience the magic + mystery of sacred circle.

1000 – 1045 | Pilates – Helen. Time to treat your mind and body to the joys of Pilates. Let me share my passion for this wonderful discipline with you: all welcome, newbies to more advanced practitioners: Pilates is for every body. We will move, breathe, align and work our bodies with centring, concentration, control, precision and flow and leave your mind and body feeling great and wanting more

1100 – 1145 | stretch + connect – maisie. Take time for you where you can come back to the self, reconnect & reset. Gentle mindful movement guided by the breath welcome to all.

1200 – 1245 | Womama Pregnancy yoga – Melina. Womama Pregnancy Yoga guides you through breathing techniques, movements and positions for labour and pregnancy to support you and your growing baby. Suitable from 12+ weeks pregnant and open to all levels of yoga including beginners. In fact many people discover yoga and its benefits for the first time during pregnancy. If you would like to feel educated, relaxed and ready to welcome your baby, come and give it a try. 

1300 – 1345 | women’s circle – belz. “Come and dip a toe in to the warm embrace of sacred space. Learn about the history and healing ways of the ancient talking circle and practice a ritual for connecting in to all it has to offer in the present day.” 

1400 – 1445 | kalm horizons – mark. Take a mindful journey to the beach with Kalm Horizons. Embrace the therapeutic, healing benefits of the ocean with mindfulness, aromatherapy, simple breathwork, affirmations, wave meditation and sound therapy. 

1500 – 1545 | hatha flow yoga – annette. A Hatha style practise to help strengthen your body, bring peace within and a balance within your body and mind.

1600- 1645 | yoga for rest – fabi. Slow down and unwind with gentle, mindful movement, followed by restful yoga poses to release stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

1700 – 1745 | goddess flow yoga – sher. A gentle flow woven with stories of the Goddess, connecting you to your divine radiance and bliss.

1800 – 1845 | chill out yoga –  Emma. gentle relaxing yoga and meditation.

1930 – 2015 | deep rest – louise. A journey through Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) into a sound bath to help you relax deeply.

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