Yoga with Joan Stephenson

New Moon Yoga

During this class we shall harmonise with the energy of the new moon – setting our intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. We shall also include various aspects of yoga such as breathing exercises (Pranayama), physical postures (Asana), sound (Mantra), meditation (Dhyana).

These yogic techniques aim to balance the polarities within us, assist in awakening the Self, allow us to gradually shift our awareness from the ever-busy chatter of the mind to the soothing space that is the heart, igniting and expanding the light that exists within us.

Some Asanas will be flowing, others will be static.
We shall look at different Meditation techniques in the classes.
Sanskrit Mantras with and without the electric piano.

Joan’s Bio:

I am a Sensitive, and Intuitive, and all the tools that I use in life and in my work, are all just tools to bring us closer to ourselves.
I’ve been involved in various healing modalities for many years. I’m a Reiki master and I work on a spiritual level with the Archangels. Although the class I am offering is a Yoga class, it is also infused with healing. I do not do hands-on healing in a class, however if anybody feels that they require this, I am happy to arrange a separate time and location for this.
My life-path includes being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend, and I am blessed that I am able to share and bare my soul in all that I do – this includes being a pianist, a piano and vocals teacher, energy healer, holding space for Yoga and Meditation. I’m simply a channel.


Classes every Friday 6 – 7.30pm
Price £10 per class. For practitioners wanting to join the class who feel that this amount is inaccessible to them, please know that you are still welcome to participate.

Bookings can be made by sending a message to

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