About Mindbalance: 

For me, yoga is a way of getting out of my mind and into my body; connecting to myself and my breath again.
Yoga has helped me calm my mind and find balance in difficult situations. Through yoga I found strength within myself, felt more centered and learnt to be more present.
Yoga is a quiet space where I can focus on myself and that’s what I would like to share with you at Mindbalance.

Mindbalance is about creating well-being for your mind. Mindbalance offers you a place where you are allowed to rest – away from stress and pressure. A place where you can let go and bring your mind into balance.

My classes focus on mental well-being, stress reduction and self-esteem building, leaving you more centered and balanced. My teaching style is gentle and calm yet challenging. I use physical movement (asanas) as well as breath work (pranayama) and guided meditation to create a healthy mind.

Your yoga practice is just for yourself – I am just here to guide you.

“I want to create a space where you can be yourself.”

Class Synopsis: 

Slow flow yoga class:

This is a nurturing and calming yoga class. The class includes slow movement through asanas (yoga postures), breath-movement connection, pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation. All with the aim to leave you feel more grounded;

The class is suitable for all yoga experience levels – anyone who is looking for relaxation of the body and mind


Every Monday 8:15 – 9:15pm

Your first class with me is free.
Afterwards I use a sliding scale pricing:
Pay between £5-£11 each week – whatever you feel comfortable!

Email to book: Fabienne_belgardt@yahoo.com

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