Mind + Body Yoga with Kate

About Kate

I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016 in India goa after a one-month training course,
I had been practicing yoga regality with my best friend and one of the UK’s most wonderful yoga instructors Liz warrington who has worked  27 years scaravelli inspired With 6-year practice with Liz I came into a very grounding practice. I had been practicing meditation for 10 years after going into drug recover, this was my first time on the path of well being and this action and choice to give up alcohol and drugs lead me to spiritual practice. my back ground is 20 years at the circus my life changed in 1999 when i saw a poi dancer and decided this was what i wanted to do with my life, so set up the first poi school in the uk and till this day it still runs, poi passion has been my life for the last 20 year, i also ran a circus shool for kids and adult for 10 year which shut down when  i had my baby, at the circus we pratice balnace flow co,ordnasion brain gym excicng, meditasion crative love and life, and it has been very succsesfull, after some time on the matt with my teacher i deciced to do my youga teacher trainning and hear i amy today, i only have a 1 hr class per week were im working closey with the circus family i have made over the year and also the frineds and family i have made in worthing coumminty, im a very lucky lady to have so many amazzing people belive in my passion and work, my passion skills are poi fire acts slack line tight wire and hula hoop and tranfer this on to the mat,im coved  in most ground skill, im a passion woman and teach yoga thought the ground and upwards alway trusting that gravity is working with us. class I run give joy peace and love to alk that I work with, 


Mind + Body Yoga | Monday 7-8pm

You never know what you will get till the day of the class, I can be lead by the student to where and what there body needs, we are a grounded and balance classes and always start with a 10 minute welcome settling mediation. I work from mother earth and gravity bases, I like to keep it real in class and take all students on a magic movement Jourty of there own self-discovery of there own bodies and encouraging the student along the way,


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