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About I AM Yoga Worthing:

I was first introduced to yoga through work many years ago but it was more of an exercise class back then. Since then I have tried various forms of yoga and connected more with what yoga is and the philosophy. That in turn has helped me, both mentally and physically, with events in my life.
My yoga journey feels like it is only just starting out, even though I have practiced for many years. Every day I learn something new about yoga and my practice, whether it be a different pose to practice or just understanding my body more and what it needs.
I feel lucky now to be able to teach yoga and hopefully I can pass my passion on to you in class 🙂


Hatha Mixed Ability | Weds 8.15pm

Set within the beautiful Salt Water Studios, you will enjoy a flow in Hatha yoga that will connect you back to yourself and your breath, finishing with a lavender infused savasana. This class is suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga | Sat 10.30am

Mixed abilities, beginners are welcome. A fun, playful and friendly class for all levels. Moving through a vinyasa flow style practise designed to build a strong and flexible body.

How to book/price

Price is £10 PAYG or £50 for a block of 6 classes. Please book via website www.iamyogaworthing.co.uk

Some words from Annette on getting back to real life classes + the experience of Lockdown

Teaching yoga online has been a blessing to still be able to reach out to our students, far and wide, but nothing beats teaching in person. You can feel the energy and love from each student and feel like you are more together on your yoga journey, even as a teacher!

Despite being in lockdown and not being able to see others in person, it has actually brought us all closer together as a community. We were, still are to a degree, going through it, but we do so together. Lockdown has taught me that no matter what the distance is/was, we are one and with that we grew in strength together so that we come out stronger.

I’m hoping that by attending my classes, you will feel like you have connected with your body, felt a level calmness and relaxation within, and open to explore yoga in your home in between classes 🙂
Text:- 07816 645429
Instagram:- @iamyogaworthing
Website: iamyogaworthing.co.uk
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