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Hatha yoga for beginners and improvers.

Hi, Iโ€™m Danielle and the founder of Happy Yoga Hub. Yoga is a passion that I love to share with everyone. My mission is to help you experience the magnificence of yoga and for you to embark on your personal yoga journey. I teach private yoga as well as group classes. My classes are focused on building a strong body as well as improving flexibility and relieving tension that is often associated with headache, migraine and back pain. I started my yoga journey 20 years ago, and it has helped me through aches and pain physically as well as mentally from shoulder and knee injuries to carrying me through pregnancies and beyond. During my first pregnancy 8 years ago, yoga became life-changing. The sense of space you create with yoga felt amazing when my body sometimes felt too small for my growing baby. Since then I have dedicated myself to yoga. I am qualified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa and pre/postnatal yoga, Yin Yoga, and I keep learning.

Class Synopsis:

Yoga for beginners and improvers is for you if you are new to yoga or have practised yoga for a little while. You will learn beginner yoga poses and variations, moving with the breath and safe alignment. You will become comfortable getting in and out of beginners poses and flow through sun salutations while being conscious of breath and the mind. Yoga for beginners and improvers is for everyone who would like to improve flexibility and strength and tune into the body.


Pay by donations. 100% of the donations go to Safe in Sussex.

Safe in Sussex offers advice, support, refuge, awareness and education for women, children and young people across Sussex and the south coast. Safe in Sussex provides an escape route from violence and the chance to seek alternatives to a life of isolation, fear and danger. For more info seewww.safeinsussex.org

Booking method:

To save your mat, please visit our website www.happyyogahub.com/contact/

For updates on classes and private yoga, please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/happyyogahub or follow us in Instagram @happyyogahub.


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