Foundations of Fitness


Foundations of Fitness: 8 week fitness and wellness programme

We have teamed up with the guys at Inergise Training and Hotpod Yoga Worthing to bring you this unique wellbeing programme that encompasses YOU in your entirety. We want to help you sweat out your stresses, sculpt lean muscles, soothe an overworked mind and enliven your soul! We will achieve this through offering you a bespoke naturopathic nutritional consultation & programme and 4 exclusive fitness classes every week with our expert & most importantly friendly, down to earth team.

Foundations of fitness circles

Our exercise classes “SWEAT, SCULPT, SOOTHE & SOUL” will be offered to you weekly, alongside which you will be encouraged to take one Hotpod Yoga session on the weekend. This combination of fast-paced, high energy fitness training with strengthening and lengthening yoga leaves your body and mind at a place of balance and optimum health. Our small class sizes enable us to really focus on you and ensure you are exercising mindfully and with correct alignment. You get all the benefits of 1:1 training at a fraction of the cost, with the added motivation of a great group of team mates carrying each other through the sessions.

About the programme

Our 8 week Foundations of Fitness programme is just that – an 8 week course designed to give you the foundations to improve your fitness and wellness. Our approach is unique in that it is holistic and all about balance; you sweat, but you also soothe. With a maximum of 8 people in the group, sessions are friendly and relaxed. You will work hard AND you will laugh, finding the enjoyment in exercise that will become the strongest foundation in your ongoing journey to a healthier, happier you. At Salt Water Studios we believe that the cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea. Throughout this programme, we will fuse together our passions for fitness, naturopathic nutrition, yoga, HIIT, mindfulness and natural health, creating exercises that are fun, empowering, efficient, restorative and all about how you FEEL. Fast-paced, high energy training to release endorphins balance with gentler movement to help you slow down and reconnect. You will end each session  with a big smile on your face, feeling like anything is possible.

What’s included in our 8 week programme:

  • Naturopathic nutritional consultation and nutritional guide
  • One Hotpod Yoga session each weekend
  • Two weekly fitness sessions on a Monday and Wednesday morning. These sessions are based around our key themes:
  • SWEAT : high intensity cardio based class that will fire up your systems, get your heart pumping and your body sweating out toxins
  • SCULPT : resistance class designed to build muscle, which in turn will burn more fat, leaving you looking toned & feeling strong
  • SOOTHE : a unique HIIT-Yoga fusion to strengthen and lengthen, bringing your body back into balance
  • And don’t forget the SOUL : Yoga is for the soul, and we have this covered through your weekly hot yoga session. We will also introduce something new to you weekly through our private facebook group, to bring wellness into your life, enriching your soul
  • Access to a private facebook and whatsap group for continued support and inspiration


For just £40 a week, your time and commitment we guarantee you will look and feel amazing by the end of our 8 weeks!

**next course starts October 15th**

Contact us now to find out more and secure your space

About the team

Katie, Ross and Nathalie each have their own training style, and the variety of approaches will continue to keep you and your body on your toes throughout the programme.

Coach Katie

Katie teaches our SOOTHE class, a unique blend of yoga and HIIT that will leave you feeling strong yet supple; completely balanced. She also shares her knowledge of nutrition with you. She is a qualified personal trainer, spin coach, yoga teacher and naturopathic nutritionist. Alongside running Saltwater Studios she is the co-owner of Hotpod Yoga Worthing and the creator of Face Föda, her natural skincare range.

Coach Ross

Ross loves being active, recognising the positive effects exercise can have on our fitness and the way we feel. He coaches our SCULPT sessions, bringing you a wealth of experience in resistance training which is key to building muscle. Ross is a qualified personal trainer, 2nd Dan blackbelt in Tai Kwan Doe and continuing student of calasthenics and cross fit. Whilst running Inergise Training with Nathalie he is also a coach at Crossfit Lineside.

Coach Nathalie

Nathalie takes a holistic approach to fitness. She loves to see people achieve something they didn’t think they could. She coaches our SWEAT sessions, using body weight resistance and cardio to get you moving. Nathalie is a qualified personal trainer, senior yoga teacher and massage therapist, a keen surfer and lover of the sea. When she doesn’t have her fitness hat on Nathalie runs yoga teacher training courses at Salt Water Studios.

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