Taste of Space Community Acupuncture

Wednesdays 10.30am – 2.30pm

Sliding payment scale £20 – £40 (you choose what you pay)

More info and book online

Taste of Space Community Acupuncture, run by local acupuncturist Anne-Marie, is a friendly and affordable acupuncture space available at Salt Water Studios every Wednesday. 

The light and airy studio is sectioned with dividers into private areas allowing for up to 3 people to be treated at any one time. The nature of acupuncture means once your needles are gently in place, someone else can be treated while you relax for the remainder of your treatment. 

The concept is a traditional way of offering acupuncture and means sessions can be offered at a lower cost with no reduction to quality or effect.

Acupuncture points used are usually located on the lower arms and legs, you only need to roll sleeves and trouser legs up, so you can restore in full comfort and privacy.

To book and for more information about how the clinic works and how acupuncture can help you, please visit


The sliding payment scale is often used in community acupuncture clinics, allowing you to decide how much to pay for your treatment. Affordable options enable more people in our communities to experience the benefits of acupuncture as often as needed in order to get better quicker. 

You choose what you can afford to pay between £20 – £40 each time you come in, no questions asked.

If you can afford it, please consider paying towards the higher end of the scale, it’s a lovely way to contribute to the health of your local community and support those around you, always knowing the space is there for you too during less flush times.​

If finances are tricky (for you or someone you know) and don’t reach the scale, Anne-Marie offers one free treatment p/w at the clinic. Please do get in touch for a chat –


Your safety is paramount to us and we’re working hard to ensure the space operates as smoothly and safely as possible. The studio is well ventilated and regularly cleaned, the treatment couches are well over 2m apart, there will be no more than 4 people (including Anne-Marie) in the space at any one time, everyone is pre-screened and wearing masks, and thorough hygiene procedures are in place. Please read more about the measures in place here ​


Everyone is welcome, whoever you are and whatever your situation; come and experience the benefits of acupuncture in a relaxing, comfortable and safe space. 

Please feel free to contact Anne-Marie with any questions on 07719 531085 or

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