Heart Centred Yoga

Heart Centred Yoga with Hannah Shutt

“For me, yoga is a practice, a process and a way of being.

Yoga is a practice of bringing heightened awareness to the body, mind and breath; observing the shifting nature of sensation, thought and emotion, so that we may come to realise our true nature as the consciousness within which all our experiences arise.

Yoga is a practice of opening the body, mind and heart so that we may experience life more fully with a deeper sense of connection, inspiration and joy. As we deepen our yoga practice, we experience freedom as we discover our capacity to let go, to transcend our perceived limitations, to remain centred and to reach our true potential.

Yoga is a process of waking up to the present moment, to ourselves and to life. It is a process of integration and healing as we come to realise our fundamental wholeness. Yoga is a way of deeply connecting with the peaceful presence that exists within us and the realisation that this is the essence of our being.


A fundamental aspect of my teaching involves creating practices which are deeply healing for the body, mind and spirit and which enable students to experience and integrate the benefits of each practice into their day to day lives. Having worked as a mental health practitioner for the past 15 years, I weave this experience into my teaching to offer a powerful blend of contemporary psychology and neuroscience with the wisdom of ancient eastern philosophy and contemplative traditions  to empower students to develop effective techniques to soothe and heal emotional pain, build resilience and cultivate self-compassion and inner calm.”

Class Synopsis

Heart Centred Yoga classes are deeply meditative, nurturing and flowing practices designed to open the body, mind and heart, release physical and emotional tension, build core strength and resilience, cultivate balance and flexibility, and promote deep relaxation.

Each class is a holistic practice incorporating guided meditation, powerful breath practices (pranayama), chanting (mantra), conscious movement (asana) and mind-body teachings, all skilfully sequenced to deepen mindful self-awareness and promote a deep sense of peace, contentment, presence and vitality.

Fridays 10 – 11.15am

£48 for 6 week half term or £10 drop in option
Call 07887 877685, via facebook or email heartcentredyoga@gmail.com

insta: @heartcentredyoga
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