Our vision is to gather together a community ~ of teachers and practitioners, as well as “people” ~ who want to feel part of something. That old saying goes “your vibe attracts your tribe”, and for us we have already seen that to be true! The people who come to practise here, as well as the teachers and practitioners, share that same underlying essence of being humble, open and wanting to help others. No egos, lots of smile and lots of laughs πŸ™‚

At Salt Water Studios we believe that cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea, and in our little studio by the sea we provide numerous ways for you to cure and heal. Sweat often glistens on skin in classes where we work HARD, and tears (ours as well as others!) most definitely fall as we let go.

We take a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing – mind, body and soul are all interconnected and work together so it makes sense to us that focusing on YOU in your entirety will help achieve a happier, healthier version of YOU! Passionate about nutrition, yoga, HIIT, pilates, mindfulness, natural health and much more- we are on the way to providing more and more classes that offer these styles of wellbeing.

Our strong belief is that exercise should be fun, empowering efficient, restorative and all about how you FEEL. Our small class sizes enable the teachers to really focus on each individual, ensuring you are working mindfuly and with correct alignment; after all, you only have one body so it needs to be treated with kindness.

We look forward to welcoming to our studio very soon.

With love, Team Salt Water Studios

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